Computer Coding Is Where It’s At!

You can do a lot with computer coding.  Michael sat down with us to share about his interest in making video games as a career.

Thanks for taking the time to answer some questions about your favorite hobby and future career, Michael!

Christie: How old are you?Coding

Michael: 13

Christie: What type of coding do you do?

Michael: I do HTML and Java Script

Christie: What is your goal?

Michael:  My goal is to be video game designer!

Christie:  How do you think you’re going to pursue that goal?

Michael: I think I’m gonna go to a college that teaches that stuff, like MIT.

Christie: What kind of video games?

Michael: Any video game that gets me paid!

James: What made you want to begin a hobby in coding?

Michael: My dad used to be a computer programmer.

James:  Do you think that there is anyone that has contributed to you being interested in coding?

Michael:  My dad taught me a little bit and my mom takes me to places and events where I can meet video game designers. Recently we met the game director of Traveler’s Tales, Arthur Parsons (

He told me that I have to be good at Math and I have to like to play video games! Everything you see on screen just breaks down into numbers. You can even break down the circles in the middle of the screen into math equations. Programmers are all math geniuses! My dad being a Math teacher really helps!

James: Does your school have a coding club? Are you in it?

Michael: My school has a computer class and they teach coding in that class, but no club.

Christie: What was the best learning experience you’ve had with coding?

Michael: In school where they taught us how to use computers and a little bit of scratch programming and 3D printing.

Christie: How is coding important to us? How does it contribute to our daily lives?

Michael: It’s important because a lot of things that we use today need coding to make them work. Smart houses today need coding to carry out simple functions, like control of the temperature in the house or even to play music.

James: What does coding mean to you as an individual?

Michael: Helps me make video games and apps!

End of Interview

For more information on how to pursue a career like this, or take up a hobby in coding, here are some resources you can visit on the web: