Mike Scott – His Music Makes You Think

By James Christopher and Christacia Darelus

We had the pleasure of talking with Mike Scott about his music and where he gets his inspiration from.  Thanks for sharing your music and your thoughts with us!

Check out Mike’s interview and music below.

MikeChristie: Who is your favorite Hip Hop/R&B artist?

Mike: If I had to pick one, I’d say Logic because he opened the door for artists to be able to speak their minds and be themselves. You know, because hip hop isn’t just about partying with your boys, just spitting rhymes, and where you’re just having a fun, and having a good time. He paved the way for me to rap about things that matter in society and problems that should be talked about, like how he talks about suicide or the other unusual stuff that’s going on, and I look up to him a lot for that.

James: How do you stay true to yourself as you grow as an artist and begin to attract more of an audience?

Mike: I think you just need to be humble and remember where you started.  I’m the same person as when I started.  Without the fame, I would still be the same person I was from the beginning. You can’t let fame change you.

That’s what I’m representing as an artist. The fact that you can stay true to yourself and not change your ways. You don’t need to do what everyone else is doing. Stay humble and remember your roots.

Remember the people you grew up with and the people that were always there for you, so that when the popularity hits, you stay humble and stay true to your roots.

Christie:  Describe your song writing process. How do you get ideas flowing through your mind?

Mike: I usually write my best when I see a problem or feel something in my heart that’s really bothering me.  For example, I saw this post about trying to expose and raise awareness about slavery in Third World countries. So, they actually showed pictures of kids in those countries in the process of slavery, and it was hard to look at.  Just looking at that sparked something in me.  That’s how I keep my inspiration.  If I can feel something that’s bothering me in my heart, I go to music to express that to people.  I write late at night because that’s when the emotions are really there for me.



James: Do you think your life experiences could help you to reach others through your music?

Mike: Well, I didn’t have a crazy life, but I know that people look up to the fact that I stay true to myself.  I think that people would notice that.  There’s a lot of artists out there that have the talent and skills to be a rapper, but they don’t want the spotlight. I think that by me showing that you can have the spotlight and not be changed by that, it says something. I don’t want the spotlight to change me. I just want to represent for those people.

Christie:  What are your goals for your music? For yourself?

Mike: I think I just want to raise awareness of problems though my music. I want to be a voice for society, I don’t want to really care about the popularity, but what I really want is for my voice to be heard, but not all of the stuff that comes with the fame. I know it sounds cliché, but If I can positively affect people’s minds and leave a good influence, then that’s good enough for me.

James: How important is it to talk about real world issues in your music?

Mike: Really important because there’s too much music about partying with your boys at the club.  There’s too much of that, and not enough of just music!

Music isn’t just a thing to have fun with. You can use music to portray emotion. It’s a platform for people to express themselves and what they’re really feeling. I feel like there should be a lot more of world issues. It’s like a peaceful way of protesting.



Christie: What’s your favorite song? Why?

Mike: As an all-time favorite, I’d say Man in the Mirror, by Michael Jackson. It’s not a rap song, but it’s a real heartfelt song talking about change. Here’s that picture of what hope looks like. Change starts with you, so don’t wait for somebody else to do it! It starts with you.

James: What is your input on the rappers that are popular today? Do you think they deserve the attention that they receive?

Mike: I’m sure that there’s a lot of rappers out there who scratched and clawed their way to the top and came from nothing. There are some legendary rappers out there, but I also see some rappers who made one hit and they just instantly blew up.  I also feel like it’s a slap in the face to the talented rappers that really own their craft in hip hop and really don’t get the spotlight that they deserve.  Rap is all about knowing the right people.

James: Do you dedicate your music to someone in particular?

Mike: No, I just wait for whoever wants to hear it. No one specifically.

Christie: What would be your advice to a young person who would like to have a music career, but doesn’t know where to start?

Mike: I think that the biggest key is to be yourself and don’t let others tell you what path to take.  You do what makes you happy. Don’t let people tell you that you can talk about this, but you can’t talk about that.  If talking about real life issues makes you happy, then do that. You are supposed to live a happy life, and if you are not happy, then something is not right. Don’t let anybody tell you that you can’t do that. Like Eminem said, you can do anything that you can set your mind to!


End of Interview